Jun 18, 2024 2:36 pm

The Fort Dodge Area Landlord Association is a Non-Profit Corporation. The objectives we are attempting to accomplish at the meetings and through our website are:

To provide an educational meeting environment for investors to associate with and develop personal contacts with other investors. The speakers at our meetings are expressing their own ideas, opinions and business values.

Each attendee should evaluate the information presented on their own and with the assistance of their legal and other advisors. No endorsement of the speaker's subject matter is expressed nor implied simply because they have been invited to speak at the meeting.

We offer a chance to socialize with people with similar interests and learn from each other. The officers and directors hope you find this forum educational for gaining knowledge and sharing ideas.

Evaluate the information presented carefully and with your appropriate advisors before taking action on someone else's ideas and opinions, I understand that the information presented in meetings of the Fort Dodge Area Landlord Association  is of a general nature and that 1 will not attempt to apply said general information to specific situations without obtaining professional advice.

In consideration of the acceptance of my membership application, I waive and release any and all rights and claims against FDALA, the officers, directors, members, and speakers for any and all damages resulting from participation in activities and/or from utilization of information received at any function of the Association.

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